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wholesale dealers of fresh Pork

Philippines pork chops

Philippines pork chops

we are wholesale dealers of fresh Pork.

Get fresh pork delivered to your restaurant, eatery, or your home. Fresh and on time!

3 thoughts on “wholesale dealers of fresh Pork

  1. ann

    Hi, im Tina our company is looking for meat suppliers, we are meat processor we process High-N products like bacon, sausages etc. We need pork belly boneless skin less, pork belly bone less skin on, pork loin, pork picnic, pork backfat, turkey mdm and some sea foods. It is possible for you to become our supplier. If yes here are the numbers were you can contact me 9410924/9410877/09086302764/09229958520. Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Bennie de Leon

    Hello, I’m Bennie a resto operator.
    we need supplier of pork chop.
    ( weighing 9 to 10 pieces per kilo)

  3. Alvin C. Ramos

    Hi this is Alvin and I am looking for pork back skin supplier.
    It is possible to become my supplier. If yes
    Please contact me on 09074992782 thank you and Godbless

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